Information related to the CPD of ACAsM. View and manage your CPD below.

CPD requirements and COVID-19

We know the impact of COVID-19 on our Fellows is enormous and we understand you may need a CPD extension and additional support this year.

CPD Process

Maintaining currency in the practice of aerospace medicine is an important cornerstone activity of the College.

Fellows will be expected to accumulate 150 points of relevant CPD activity over a triennium; Associate Fellows will be expected to accumulate 60 points.

CPD is an individual responsibility and must be submitted online.  If you are unable to use the online portal, please contact secretariat@acasm.org.au to discuss an alternate means of participating in the program.

The CPD Policy

The Board of Directors approved the following CPD participation policy on 29th January 2019.

Fellows should familiarise themselves with the policy.

Journal Club

Comments also welcome on the ACAsM guidelines for establishing and running a journal club.

Journal clubs are an important way to review the emerging literature in a collegiate environment, and participation in a journal club is encouraged by many Colleges.